I have been in business since 2000, providing firearm repair and maintenance service. Prior to that, I had been an amateur gunsmith for many years. I did most of my own work, as well as some for friends and family. 

There were some things I couldn’t do or didn’t have the confidence to do. These things I tried to take to some of our local gunsmiths. Some things were fixed. However, I ran into quite a lot of “it’ll cost more to fix than it’s worth”“I don’t work on those” or “you want to do what?”. 

I decided then there needs to be somebody to fix all the guns nobody else wants to work on. 

I enrolled in Lassen College’s Gunsmithing program to round out my knowledge. After over 2 years there I started my business. I started working with a local firearms manufacturer also. Through this association I learned quite a lot about NFA firearms. (Machine guns, suppressors, etc.)

I have worked on everything from black powder to beltfeds.  

Here are just some of the firearms that I have worked on;
  • AK’s: 47’s Full and semi-auto, 74’s, “Krinkovs” in 5.45 & 7.62x39, Pistols
  • AR-15/M-16: Full and semi-auto, rifle, carbine and pistol.
  • Beretta: Pistols- M92, M1934, carbines and shotguns
  • Browning: High Power, Auto-5, .22 Automatic rifles, A-bolt, BAR 1918, A1 & A2, 1919A4 
  • Colt: Pocket Auto, Police positive revolvers, 1911, Woodsman, AR15
  • Enfield Rifles: P14 & P17
  • Galil: AR & ARM
  • Lee Enfield Rifles: No1’s,No4’s,No5,Ishapore 2A
  • Marlin: Lever action ceterfire and 22 rifles, SA 22's
  • Mauser: 1888, ‘96,‘98
  • Mossberg: 22's, lever action rifles, shotguns
  • Remington: SA and bolt action 22's, 700, 870,11-87,788 etc. 
  • Savage/Stevens: 311 SxS shotgun,520 Shotgun, bolt action rifles, single shot shotguns, combo guns
  • Taurus: Revolvers, pistols, Lightning pump rifles
  • Uzi: Full size SA & FA, Pistol, Micro
  • Webley: Mark IV & Mark VI revolvers
  • Winchester: Model 70 & 100 rifles, 12, 1300 & 1400 shotguns
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Colt 1903 in .32ACP
Browning M2HB in .50BMG.
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