Pricing: Updated as of  19 June 2020

Base Rates

Hourly rate  $80
Min diagnostic charge$20

After a number of requests, here is a longer list of various select charges. 

Please note that these prices are an estimate based on a lot of previous work and the average charges of that work. Work performed on your firearm may vary up or down from these prices. Prices are for labor only, they do not include parts or ammunition for test firing.

Gun is completely disassembled, cleaned and lubed
Based on type, if exceptionally dirty, rusty or has heavy lead fouling rate may exceed range.

Pistols and revolvers   $80-120
Rifles  $80-120
Shotguns    $80-150

Other Services
Sight and scope work
Drill and tap holes for base/ sight
Mount bases, rings and scope
Lap in rings  (if needed)
Shim bases  (if needed)
Bore sight - laser  
Install night sights on pisto   
Install front or mid rib bead    
Sight in or pattern customer’s gun

General barrel, action and rifle work
Check headspace
Make chamber cast
Remove stuck fired case 
Remove stuck live round 
Cut and crown barrel
Thread barrel muzzle
Thread barrel muzzle
Chamber and fit barrel     
Weld on / bend bolt handle
Install trigger - Timney, etc
Install screw in chokes

Handgun work
Trigger job $80 and up depending on action
        type and trigger pull desired.

Stock work
Recoil pad install$40
Crack repair$40 and up, depends on severity of damage
Action bedding   $100 and up

I will try to add some more to this list as I go.

Please don't hesitate to call or e-mail me for estimates on a particular job. If you can send photos it will help me be a little more precise.

Payment types:
I accept Cashier’s check, money order, Visa or MC. At this time I do not accept PayPal. If you are in the NW Nevada area and can pick up your firearm in person, I also accept cash. 

Turn Around Time:  ! Update June 2020!
We try to get most jobs finished and returned within two weeks, however due to disruptions getting parts and materials caused by complications from the Covid-19 pandemic, turn around time for routine service and repair jobs is averaging 3-4 weeks. We are experiencing much higher than normal work volume, in part due to the general state of affairs in the country right now. In addition, depending on the a nature of the job, it may take a little or a lot longer. We do greatly appreciate your patience. Thank you.

Northern Nevada / California customers:
Due to higher ammo costs and variable availability, a repair may cost more or take longer. If you can provide the ammo for test firing, sighting-in, etc. you will save both money and time as I won't have to bill current retail prices and / or wait for odd caliber ammo. 
This, of course, only applies to customers who can drop their firearm off at one of my pick up locations as there are too many restrictions on shipping ammo.
$25 per hole (add $5 per for hard rec, ie  ‘03 Spr)
$20 (included if mounting scope)
$20 and up depending on fitting time
$20 for replacing, $40 for new drill/tap
$40 and up (range time and ammo)
$20 and up
$100 and up
$40 and up
$80 barrel off reciever
$80 and up barrel on reciever
$120 per barrel