Shipping Info:

Shipping Addresses:

You may ship to either address, although the GNA address is preferred. 

GNA (Guns N Ammo)             or       Redwolf Gunsmithing
1321 US Hwy 395 Unit A                   231 Gordon Lane 
Gardnerville, NV 89410                     Dayton, NV 89403

Shipping Methods:
Long guns may be shipped via the US Postal Service 

NOTE: If you local PO says no, have them get out the Regulations- anyone who is not barred from possessing a firearm may ship a long gun directly to any dealer, gunsmith or manufacturer in the country.)

Long guns and handguns may be shipped via UPS or FedEx.

NOTE: This is easiest if you have an account- box up the firearm, print out a shipping label and schedule a pick-up or drop it off at one of their shipping centers. HANDGUNS MUST BE SHIPPED NEXT DAY AIR.

If you do not have an account this can get tricky. Most of the UPS stores or FedEx/Kinko’s will not ship a gun if you walk in with one and say I need to ship this. Some will ship if you walk in with the firearm boxed already. However, it all depends on the clerk as company policy does not allow for the shipping of guns for “insurance“ reasons. Some will do it if you “don’t tell me what is in the box”. It is best to contact your local UPS/FedEx shipping agent to see what their policy is. 

If you are having trouble with shipping give me a call or e-mail.

Shipping Tips:
Sturdy Packaging with lots of padding. Most shippers have automated shipping centers that will find the weak spot in your packaging. (Think mechanical airline baggage handler)

Insure all shipments. Unfortunately things do get lost from time to time. Insure for the replacement cost of your firearm plus any accessories included in the shipment. If they don’t make your gun anymore, insure for what it would cost for a new one of the same type. 

Adult Signature This may delay arrival by a day, but supposedly keeps them from leaving it on my door step if I am away. 

Tracking Number UPS and FedEx will automatically generate a tracking number on their shipments. Make sure they give you the number. For the post office use Certified Mail to get a tracking number.

Shipping rates and additional info can be found at their individual websites; or