Submitting a Job:

Prior to shipping a firearm, please call me so I can fax or e-mail you a work order. If you are dropping a firearm off we'll get all your info at that time.

If the firearm is being sent for repair, please fill out the work order
 completely, include a detailed description of the problem. Include another sheet if necessary.  “Won’t work”, “Jams”, etc. need a little more elaboration. Describe as best as possible what happens, include what types of ammo were used and and attempts to rectify the issue. The more info the better. 

Don’t be afraid to say “Please call or e-mail me”, if the malfunction is complicated. Just be sure to include the best time to get a hold of you. 

Contact info:
Karl Fry
(775) 720-0566
E-mail  me